Final Fantasy Character Battle (ff_charbattle) wrote in jenovas_witles,
Final Fantasy Character Battle

X-posted into about 40 different FF communities... (so it gets the maximum possible publicity) I'm sorry to you users who get to see this a million times from being in so many communities.. =(

Anyways, the point is, I'm doing a final fantasy character battle thingie. What will happen is I will post two final fantasy based characters on a daily-weeky basis, and all you need to do post a yes or no as to who you think would win. You (of course) may also start conversations as to who you think should win each battle. At the end of a set period, or after a certain number of votes, I will stop the voting and state the winner.

At first I think we will start with weekly battles, and then I think I might organize something along the lines of the character battle at GameFAQs, which was how the idea started. What do you people all think?

BTW, add me and vote! =D
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